Donald Faison, Instagrab


BFFs Zach Braff and Donald Faison get the award for epic celebrity photobombs!

Faison took to Instagram today to share two amazing pics in which he and his Scrubs costar separately pop up in the background of several A-list photo ops.

In one shot, Faison pops his head out from behind a movie premiere step and repeat where Tom Cruise is smiling and posing for photos. Faison's wide-eyed grin is hysterical behind Cruise, who looks handsome in a black shirt while posing for the photographers.

In the other, Braff sticks his head up in between Jessica Alba and Fergie, who are posing together for a photo. Braff makes an equally funny face and giant smile.

"You know how we do..." Faison captioned the Instagram photo.

Lots of fans seem to also love the hilarious photobomb pics. "You two are great,' one person commented on the Instagram, while another wrote, "Favorite photo of me life." "The best two celebrities ever!" a third posted.

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