Selena Gomez, Prince Royce

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Selena Gomez is already missing who?

Justin Bieber, cool your jets! The 21-year-old singer-actress is only singing about "la-la-la-la-loving you" on Prince Royce's new song "Already Missing You."

The track features lots of techno beats, a fair amount of autotune, and plenty of lusty back-and-forth "missing you's" between Selena and the 24-year-old Latin pop star. (Remember, Jelena fans, it's just a song!)

"Feeling a rush, makes me go wild/ Crazy how you know what I think," Selena sings. "I cannot pretend I won't be lonely every minute that you're gone."

Prince Royce sings a promising, "Trust me, in the end it will be worth it," before he and Selena—together!—sing "'Cause baby, you're the one."

"Already Missing You" is catchy enough you'll la-la-la-la-love it. This, and 10 other tracks, make up Prince Royce's upcoming album Soy El Mismo (which means "I'm the Same" in English) . It's set to release Tuesday, Oct. 8.

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