This video almost looks like the scene in Bridesmaids where Kristen Wiig drunkenly wanders around a plane declaring that she is "ready to paaaaaartay!"

Nicole Richie shared a hysterical clip on her Instagram account of a drunk passenger on her flight.

"This is my new friend. I'll have what she's having," the fashion mogul added as a caption.

It isn't clear where the 32-year-old was traveling to, but one thing is for sure: She certainly had an eventful journey to her final destination.

"S to the R baby, Cabo!" Richie's new friend exclaims enthusiastically.

Nicole Richie, Airline Passenger


What does that mean exactly? And the woman is donning a cowboy hat and sunglasses during the flight because, why not?

Jump to Richie's pal declaring "Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up."

"Turn that s--t up," Richie quips.

"With Nicole," the woman continues.

"Now I'm drinking Emergen-C," Richie says as she holds her phone to capture a sweet shot of the two new friends.

"I'm drinking Bloody Marys back there with a Corona," the woman reveals.

"OK," Richie says.

Our thoughts exactly, Nicole.

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