Natalie Portman Reveals She "Freaks Out" When She Sees Jennifer Grey at Synagogue

Black Swan actress said in an interview with Elle U.K. that Dirty Dancing is her favorite movie

By Jordana Ossad Oct 04, 2013 7:23 PMTags
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Natalie Portman and Jennifer Grey have more in common than you think: they attend the same Jewish synagogue! But sometimes, Portman has a difficult time keeping her cool when she sees the Dirty Dancing actress.

"We go to temple together," the Oscar winner said in an interview with Elle U.K., in its November issue. "And I freak out every time I see her. I'm such a nerd!"

You are not a nerd, it's totally understandable. It's Baby!

The Black Swan actress also revealed that Dirty Dancing is her favorite old-school indulgence.

"To this day, it's the movie that I've seen most in my life," the 32-year-old brunette beauty told the mag about the 1987 romantic classic. "'I carried a watermelon'....I can't talk about it too much, or I'll start getting teary. There are other movies I love, but no other movie that I have watched over and over," she gushed.

And even though she has seen the film more times than she can probably count, and has seen the former Dancing With the Stars contestant numerous times at temple, the Grey affect is always the same.

"I wish I weren't as nervous as I am around her," Portman said. "I can't get over it."