Ian Somerhalder, pregnant dog


Ian Somerhalder is 34, and any day now he's going to become a grandpa!

No, the Vampire Diaries star doesn't have a secret lovechild who is now already old enough to have babies—his rescue dog Nietzche is pregnant with puppies!

On Thursday, Oct. 3, Ian tweeted a photo of himself cuddling up Nietzche, writing, "Im a GRANDPA!Am I too young???My Nietzsche with a little belly full babies-about to reek havoc in our house..."

He elaborated on Instagram that he was "Launching Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries&preparing for the launch of a whole part of life-being a GRANDFATHER."

 Ian Somerhalder, pregnant dog


"Yup-I've got my hand on a belly with 8 little ones about to explode out into the world," he added. "What I thought was one rescue become 9-Mama Nietzsche is a trooper-babies coming in about 48hrs..."

No word from Ian yet on the puppies, but he's surely taking great care of his sweet pup. He's already been her knight in shining armor once before.

In early August, he Instagrammed a photo of himself snuggled up with his beautiful "new girl," explaining she was "Rescued from traffic near the Vampire Diaries stages just a few hours ago."

"[She's] so smart, so beautiful&charming-all a man could ask for in a girl, " he added. "So happy together."

Holy adorable—and how very respectable that Mr. Somerhalder is being so totally cool about  his lady's eight unplanned pregnancies!

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