Kerry Washington's Secret Wedding: What Did Her Scandal Costars Do to Celebrate? You May Be Shocked...

Series creator Shonda Rhimes got her a "beautiful" tea set, but as for the others...

By Natalie Finn Oct 04, 2013 2:35 AMTags
Watch: Kerry Washington's Wedding Gift "Scandal"

As any good Washington, D.C., fixer knows: You give nothing, you get nothing.

And that's kinda how the cast of Scandal operated after learning that Kerry Washington had secretly tied the knot with NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha.

One by one, Scott Foley, Katie Lowes and more revealed to E! News last night that they didn't buy their costar a wedding present—because they weren't invited to the wedding!

"Let's just say, it may or may not have happened yet...You get a year when someone gets married!" Lowes insisted to us on the red carpet at Saks Fifth Avenue's celebration of their Scandal-themed windows.

ABC/Lou Rocco

"I got her nothing," deadpanned Joshua Malina. "My feeling is, don't invite me, you get nothing."

"Oh…I'm still working on it. What are you…oh, no, I'm, yeah..." stumbl "My feeling is, don't invite me, you get nothing."ed Darby Stanchfield.

"Let me tell you something: Not invited to the wedding," Foley cracked.

"Ph, am I not the only one?! Oh my gosh, I feel so relieved," Stanchfield said after we informed her that she wasn't alone in lagging on the gift-giving.

But the woman who plays Olivia Pope, secret keeper of the rich and powerful, didn't keep everyone out of the loop.

"I bought her a beautiful, beautiful English tea set from Fortnum & Mason in London," series creator Shonda Rhimes revealed. But she added quickly, so as not to put her cast to shame, "I was one of the only people who knew about the wedding beforehand, so that's why."

As for the bride herself, Washington explained to us (sort of) how she manages to engage with her fans but also keep her private life pretty darn private.

"If I told you I wouldn't really be able to keep [her method secret]," she smiled. "But you know, you just have to kind of do whatever works for you in life, in all circumstances."

Advice the actress, who was sporting her sparkly diamond wedding band, obviously lives by.

She and Asomugha tied the knot on June 24 in Blaine County, Idaho, in front of almost no one besides her parents and his sister, who officiated.

ABC/Lou Rocco