On Thursday's edition of Live From E!, Jason Kennedy, Ken Baker and Kristin Dos Santos discussed what is in and what we're already so over on television. What's worth watching?

This is the second week of fall premieres, so it's interesting to see what shows TV fanatics are sticking around for.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is currently the highest-rated new series, and The Crazy Ones is also doing super well! However, Seth MacFarlane's Dads isn't doing so hot and Kristin thinks that it'll be the first show to be canceled.

Next, Miley CyrusMiley the Movement premiered on MTV last night, and our trio had a lot of positive thoughts about it!

"The whole documentary is really fascinating because everyone busts on a lot of reality television because it's so fake. [Reality TV] seems scripted and everything. This documentary seemed anything but scripted," Ken said.

In a sense, the "Wrecking Ball" singer is the anti-Gaga. While Lady Gaga is all about costumes and playing a character, Miley is just being raw and being real.

Kristin agreed, saying, "That actually makes me really like her. After seeing this documentary, I do feel like...there's no filter, there's no guard. She's letting it all out for everyone to see."

There's one pop star out there who can out-sensationalize Miley. Of course, it's Rihanna!

In her new video for "Pour It Up," the sexy songstress brings twerking to a whole other level. She twerks on a chair, by the stripper pole...she twerks everywhere.

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