Editor Obsessions, Breast Cancer Awareness Collage

There are plenty of things one might at least acknowledge about October. Today, for example, is Mean Girls Day (have fun quoting Lindsay Lohan!) and, of course, in a few weeks is everyone's favorite candy-filled holiday Halloween.

Then, there is the thing we should spent all month supporting: Breast Cancer Awareness.

Yes, before we dip into the orange and black decorations it's time to think pink. And the best part is it's absurdly easy to participate now-a-days. There are tons of amazing gems for purchase that help support BCA organizations. In fact, in the case of some Estée Lauder goods, 100 percent of the profits go towards The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

But just in case you needed a little help deciding what you should score, we've selected our absolute favorite picks from all of this year's limited edition products.

From purses to perfume, check out what we've snagging this month.  

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