Alexa Vega Shares Her Fitness Secrets—Watch the Video!

Actress shares her favorite workout tips to motivate her when breaking a sweat

By Jennifer Chan Oct 03, 2013 8:00 PMTags
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When it comes to working out, Alexa Vega doesn't mess around.

The Spy Kids actress, who stars in the upcoming Machete Kills film this month, has one smoking hot body, and tells us that she worked hard for it.

So what's her secret? A lot of dedication and hard work…oh, and some serious goal setting strategies!

The 25-year-old actress tells us that she often creates ambitious fitness goals to motivate her to break a sweat and push her body harder than she normally might. 

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"For me, I'm all about squat jumps. Just get in front of your TV. Lift your arms up to give you that momentum and do as many as you can!" she advises.

"Literally, the other day. I was on a mission to do a 1,000 squats…and I did it!" she said triumphantly. "Set a goal because it's a lot easier. You'll give up way before if you don't actually set a goal."

Awesome advice!

And 1,000 jump squats? Alexa, you're our hero. 

Another trick she shares is to never make excuses not to exercise—even when you're traveling.

"I love Insanity because you can travel with it. You just put the DVD in, you don't need weights, you don't need mats, you don't need anything!"

Alright, Alexa—you've inspired us.

Time to torch some calories!