Claire Danes, Vogue UK

Courtesy British Vogue/Nathaniel Goldberg

Here's proof that the right lighting and perfect shade of lipstick can make all the difference in the world! 

Claire Danes posed for both British Vogue and American Vogue in recent months, and we have to say there's a striking contrast when comparing covers.

On her U.K. cover, photographer Nathaniel Goldberg captures her lovely spirit and natural good looks quite effortlessly.

The Emmy winner looks fresh-faced and breathtakingly beautiful, with porcelain skin and stained cherry red lips.

Her bright blue eyes sparkle brightly as she offers a soft hint of a smile, her head leaning back ever so slightly, allowing for her blond locks to fall naturally around her face. 

The setting somehow conjures up a friendly and familiar vibe as if Claire is our gorgeous best friend and we're bonding with her on a lazy weekend afternoon!

On the contrary, one glance at her American cover shot by the famous Annie Leibovitz, and we can't help but point out that Danes looks stern and seemingly unfriendly, posing in a tan leather trench coat topped off with a stiff gold metal belt. much for being besties with this version of Claire, right?

Claire Danes, Vogue

VOGUE/Annie Leibovitz

She stands upright, hands in pockets, with a steely glare that feels far less welcoming than we're used to seeing the Homeland actress.

Her makeup is simple and soft, making for a tad bit disappointing cover over all, especially considering her neutral-colored coat almost washes her out completely.

Not our favorite look, by far! 

Which cover do you prefer? 

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