"Immature" Justin Bieber Won't Be Charged for Allegedly Spitting at His Neighbor, Reckless Driving

D.A. doesn't have kind words for the pop star, but says there's insufficient reason to move forward

By Natalie Finn Oct 03, 2013 1:34 AMTags
Justin BieberNicky Loh/Getty Images

Justin Bieber may have some growing up to do, but he's not going to be getting life lessons in court anytime soon.

Prosecutors declined to press charges against the pop star after a neighbor who had confronted Bieber about allegedly speeding around their gated community in Calabasas, Calif., told police that the teen spit in his face, the L.A. County District Attorney's Office confirmed Wednesday to E! News.

Deputy District Attorney Alan Yochelson wrote in his charges evaluation worksheet that Bieber's response to the incident "seems disproportionate and immature," but the evidence did not show "beyond a reasonable doubt" that his actions were criminal.

A rep for Bieber had no comment.

In a separate evaluation, Yochelson also explained that the office wouldn't be charging Bieber for alleged reckless driving on May 27, citing insufficient evidence that he was without a doubt the one behind the wheel, though the vehicle in question was definitely his Ferrari.

Security cameras in the area showed Bieber's Ferrari leaving his driveway with the singer himself riding a motorcycle behind the car—and then both vehicles returned five minutes later, with Bieber still on the motorcycle, Yochelson wrote.