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Get the red wine and popcorn ready and start warming up your Twitter now because Scandal is back!

The most-buzzed-about premiere is finally upon us as the ABC political hit returns for its third season tonight and finally answers some of our burning questions. And trust us, we had a lot of them after that doozy of a finale, which had more twists and turns than a roller coaster.

Of course, so much goes down in any ol' episode of Scandal that it's hard to keep up with all the action, so we're giving you a quick refresher of all the finale's major storylines before tonight's premiere. Plus, we've got scoop from Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn and more on what you can expect from season three...


David Rosen's Got Game: Rosen played the long-con, playing big bad Billy Chambers (Matt Letscher) and pulling a fast one on OPA to get his hands on the Cytron card, which he used to get a plum new job as the U.S. District Attorney. Well played, you little sneak!

Student Becomes the Master: Uh-oh, what has Huck (Giullermo Diaz) created?! After working closely with former assassin throughout the season, Quinn (Katie Lowes) revealed just how much she learned by using a drill to torture Billy Chambers for information. And guess what? Quinn really liked it. Baby Huck is all grown up!

Jake's Mistake: Because of his feelings for Olivia and his attempt to protect her, Jake (Scott Foley) found himself tossed into the very same hole in the ground Huck was a few years ago, the one that made him even forget he had a family, by Rowan (Joe Morton). But don't worry too much about Captain Jake, Foley was bumped up to a series regular. Phew!

Here Comes Daddy: In the finale's final moment, two major reveals happened: First, Olivia is outed as Fitz's mistress to the press (!) and then we learned that Rowan, the head of B613, is Olivia's father! (And that, dear viewers, is how you end a finale.)


Find the Leak: "These first couple of episodes back are all about the drama of Olivia has been outed by someone," Jeff Perry teases. "How did this leak? Who leaked it? Who sent it? Is it possible anyone will actually admit to it? If they do, what will that mean?"

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Olivia's Origin Story:  "Olivia is multi-faceted and layered and complicated. I am always discovering new things about her particular now in the third season when I really have been given a window into her past," Washington tells us. "I don't want to give away too much but you get a peek into her past and you get to see that very broken soul evolve. Every week is going to be a roller coaster ride.  I am understanding more and more how she became who she is."

More Flashbacks: But we won't just be learning more about Olivia's past in upcoming episodes, as Washington teases. "You will get a lot more information on people's pasts in the coming episodes. Giullermo Diaz adds, "We're going to get some flashback episodes. You're going to get find out more about Huck's relationships before he worked for OPA with Olivia. Stuff you didn't know before."

Daddy Issues: "If you care about acting on television, do not miss Joe Morton's acting in the season premiere," Washington gushes of Morton. Tony Goldwyn dishes, "Her dad's a scary dude, so that all gets really weird."

Quinn Goes Darker: Mini-Huck will continue to enjoy her newfound hobby of torture. "It's getting very interesting and dark. She's tasted the blood," Lowes teases. "I think she's had such bad stuff happen to her in her life, now that she gets to do something bad to someone else, she's getting high on it."

Scandal returns tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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