News flash: The X Factor judges agree on something!

Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio (and probably Demi Lovato, too, but she wasn't there) all think that Miley Cyrus is one smart pop star.

"We need to leave her alone," Paulina told E! News. "When you start so young, you need to find different ways of being yourself and I think she's doing it."

"But she's smart," Simon insisted, to which Kelly added, "I was just about to say—you're talking about it and everyone else in the world is talking about it."

"Every interview I do right now: [They ask about] Miley Cyrus," Simon continued. "They weren't doing that with Hannah Montana, trust me."

"She is very smart," Kelly agreed.

"I love Miley. I love Hannah Montana, we love her," Paulina said, nudging Kelly.

"I think she is very smart," the former Destiny's Child member reiterated, "and she's doing everything the way she wants to do it and that's the only way you can do it."

"And that's rock 'n' roll," Simon concluded.

"If you have something to say," Kelly offered, making a kiss-my-butt motion.

"She's talented, she's young, she's cute, she can do whatever she wants," Paulina gushed.

"I just don't want her to wear those pants no more that she wore at the MTV VMAs, she's too cute for those pants," Kelly said.

Watch the clip to find out what Simon had to say about Britney Spears' Vegas venture and tune into E! News at 7 p.m. & 11:30 p.m. for more scoop from The X Factor!

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