Tom Hanks is sending encouragement Zac Efron's way.

Asked about the Parkland star's recent trip to rehab, Hanks—who produced the ensemble drama about the action at the Dallas hospital where John F. Kennedy died after being shot in Dallas—called seeking treatment a "courageous step to take."

"I'm not hip about [Efron's exact situation]," Hanks told E! News during the press junket for his latest film, Captain Phillips, "but I think anybody who says, 'Hey, maybe I should go work on this,' more power [to him]."

Efron broke his silence following his rehab revelation (first reported by E! News) just last week, posting a pic from a trip to Peru he just took with his dad and thanking fans for their "support these past few weeks."

His Parkland costar Marcia Gay Harden presaged Hanks' sentiment at HBO's Emmys party, telling us that, in her eyes, Efron "is a total hero."

"Him seeking help encourages other people with addictive issues to seek help. It's brave of him," she said.

Speaking of bravery, in his new movie, Hanks plays sea captain Richard Phillips, whose boat was hijacked by Somali pirates in 2009—a real-life episode that the actor happened to mention to one of his friends in high places a while back.

"I don't want to brag, but I was talking to the president on the phone," Hanks told us, putting on a mock-humble tone, "and he said, 'What's up next, Tom?' I said, 'Well, boss, I'm doing a thing that actually you figure in.'"

"'Oh yeah, I remember that, yeah, pirates, had to deal  with pirates," the two-time Oscar winner continued, feigning President Barack Obama's response. "Economy's going down the tubes, two wars, [and] I had to deal with pirates.'

"One of the things that comes across the man's desk."

Hanks also talked about wife Rita Wilson's upcoming new album (she's having a "butt-kicking renaissance," her husband says) and the secret to being happily married for 25 years—watch the clip to find out what that is, and to see if there's a duet in the couple's future!

Tune into E! News at 7 p.m. & 11:30 p.m. for more scoop from Hanks and the Captain Phillips junket.

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