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Today's episode of The Dr. Oz Show was quite an emotional one.

Dr. Oz's guest was Siân Green, the woman who lost her leg after an out-of-control taxi cab jumped the curb and hit her in New York a few months ago.

After being discharged from the hospital the night before, the British tourist reunited with Oz under better circumstances. They met initially when the doctor ran from his office to the scene to help, and joining them at this happy reunion was Dave Justino, the plumber who used his belt as a tourniquet to stop Green's bleeding.

"I just, I, I, the appreciation and I just, oh, thank you," an emotional Green told Justino.

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"You don't have to say thank you," Justino told her. "I tried. I wasn't even thinking…I just saw you there and the only thing I had was my belt and that's what I needed."

But where do the Kardashians come in?

Green revealed that before the tragic accident, she and her best friend were excited to go to the Dash store in the Big Apple to purchase some tops.

"We decided to try and look for Dash, the Kardashian's store, and we were just walking. Because we're huge fans, so we were like ‘Yes, we get to go to Dash! We get to see the store. They've been there. They've walked the floor.' And we just wanted to do that. We just wanted to get Dash t-shirts."

According to the New York Daily News, the young Brit was strolling the streets of NYC during her vacation in August, and had just grabbed a hot dog from a street vendor with a friend when she was hit by the cab.

"Her left leg was severed off, the other was mangled," Justino told the paper. "She was conscious the whole time, the poor thing...I wish she would have passed out."

After being admitted to the hospital, doctors told Green that they would have to amputate her leg. Despite getting the unfortunate news, she's remained optimistic about the entire situation.

"Even still now, I still get those days where I'm not as happy, not as smiley, but I still do smile. But it's just in the back of my mind, like I'm 24 years old and this happened to me with my bestest friend walking and enjoying life and that's why you shouldn't take anything for granted, because it can be gone like that," she said.

"I've got my life. I can be with my family and friends. I can go back to school. I can go back to work. I can enjoy my life, my boyfriend and my dogs. I've got too much to look forward to."

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