Alyson Hannigan, Satyana, Keeva

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Ah, motherhood!

A time for bonding, singing lullabies…late night feedings.

While babies undoubtedly bring parents lots of joy, they also usher in a ton of new responsibilities.

And if anyone can relate to moms who are learning how to balance life with a bouncing bundle of joy, it's Alyson Hannigan, who has welcomed not one, but two beautiful babes into her life!

Thankfully, she's picked up a few tips along the way—and she's willing to share ‘em with first-time moms.

Here's what she had to say:

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Slow Down: "Try to enjoy it all because it goes really quickly," the How I Met Your Mother star suggests.

Catch Up On Couple Time: "Try to do date night as much as possible," advises Hannigan. "Or even if it's just ‘Oh, the baby's napping,' and you can have someone watch the monitor, and you guys just go out for coffee or ice cream. Give yourselves that moment. It's nice to have a dinner where you can have a conversation that isn't interrupted a billion times."

Snap Away: Don't forget to capture those precious moments by snapping shots. "Luckily everybody has a phone to capture pictures," Hannigan says.

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