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Spoiler Alert: Do not continue reading if you've yet to watch Sons of Anarchy's episode on Tuesday. Seriously, we meant it, spoilers are ahead! So no going down to the comments and complaining about us ruining your night. House rules!

Well, Kurt Sutter's workload just got a little lighter!

The Sons of Anarchy creator made a bold movie in Tuesday night's episode "Wolsangel," killing off one of SAMCRO's members: Otto Delany, who he plays! Yes, that's right: the showrunner killed off his own character, who has appeared on the FX drama since season one. Rest in peace, Otto.

But that wasn't the only big death to go down in the hour!

Otto didn't go down alone as he took season six' big bad Lee Toric (Donal Logue) along with him!

But how was Otto, who has been in jail, able to kill Toric? Easy, Clay (Ron Perlman) paid him a visit and secretly passed him a knife to kill himself, simply saying, "No more, brother." (As any SOA fan knows, prison has not been kind to Otto, which is a huge understatement). Instead, Otto uses it to take out Toric, stabbing him three times. Wow," Toric says as he's dying. "I didn't even see that coming."

After slitting Toric's throat, the tongueless Otto, who refused to rat out Clay, was shot by the police.

So yeah, Sutter definitely wasn't joking around when he teased on Twitter, "There will be no unearned mercy."

At the 2013 summer TV press tour, Sutter talked about playing Otto, saying, "Otto is my anti-Dorian Gray. That's a little bit of my own sort of meta joke. But … violence doesn't happen in a vacuum. If you do A, ultimately B is going to happen, and B for Otto is usually always very bad."

Two more deaths that went down? After Jax stops selling guns to the IRA, they retaliate by killing prospective SAMCRO members Phil (Christopher Reed) and V-Lin (Walter Wong).

What did you think of Sons of Anarchy's big death? Will you miss Otto? Were you surprised to see Toric killed so early in the season? Sound off in the comments!

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