Katy Perry


Where's the PETA for play toy animals when you need them?

Katy Perry stepped out in what looks suspiciously like the coat of a fluffy, white teddy bear. We suspect the "Walking On Air" singer snagged this bear "skin" from one of those giant carnival prizes. You know, the ones dad had to tie up on the car roof to get home. Come to think of it, the L.A. County Fair was just this past weekend. Perhaps that's where Katy did her poaching!

Teddy torture aside, we're not sure we can get behind this style. The fur looks almost too cozy for our comfortlike it would be better as a blankey or kid's bedroom rug. And to make matters weirder, the pop star is wearing it with black stockings and combat-style boots creating a gimmicky-grunge feel.

So on behalf of all the helpless stuffed animals out there, we stand against Katy's cover-up, and we suggest she does the same. If Toy Story is true, she's going to be in really big trouble.

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