Anthony Bourdain Apologizes for Attacking New Mexico's Frito Pies

Get the food scoop controversy!

By Brett Malec Sep 30, 2013 11:35 PMTags
Anthony BourdainSteve Mack/WireImage

Anthony Bourdain is apologizing for insulting a very sacred food favorite of New Mexico locals: the Frito pie!

The food critic recently visited Santa Fe's Five & Dime General Store's snack bar to try their world famous Frito pies for his new CNN travel show Parts Unknown. Bourdain had a less-than-favorable review of their famed snack, calling the chili used in the dish canned and likening the cheese to a "day-glow orange cheese-like substance."

He also claimed that the Frito pie is not native to New Mexico—gasp!—but was instead invented in Texas.

"Neither the Frito, nor the Frito pie, are indigenous to New Mexico. They were actually Texan," Bourdain said on the episode. "New Mexico, you have many wonderful thing. I think, let Texas have this one."

Needless to say, New Mexico residents and Frito pie fans everywhere were outraged by Bourdain's comments, prompting a spokesperson for the outspoken foodie to issue an apology. "He admits that 'we got it wrong' about the chili," Karen Reynolds, a rep for Bourdain, said in a statement. "And we'll try to correct it for future airings."

Additionally, Bourdain said in his own statement on the matter, "Contrary to the impression left by some reports of the show, I, in fact, very much enjoyed my Frito pie in spite of its disturbing weight in the hand. It may have felt like [expletive] but was shockingly tasty."

Five & Dime store owner Mike Collins also called Bourdain's comments "completely wrong" and claims their chili is in fact homemade and not canned. "I don't have any idea where he got that from," Collins said. "I mean, if we're using canned Hormel Chili then I'd like to buy stock in that because what we have is good."

Guess Bourdain has learned not to mess with New Mexico...or their Frito pies!