Watch This Video of a Guy Dancing at a Willie Nelson Concert and Learn All of His Epic Moves Now

Who the man is is a mysterious, how he learned those sick dance moves is an even bigger mystery

By John Boone Sep 30, 2013 7:33 PMTags

Some dance moves never go out of style.

Behold, this video of a man dancing during a Willie Nelson concert during "some rally thing for the Hawaii Governor," as the video's description explains. At least, we think he's dancing. He's probably dancing.

This video is fairly dated. It was uploaded to YouTube in July 2012, with little information given ("Some rally"). That rally was for Gov. Neil Abercrombie and took place in August of 2010.

But, as we said, this man's moves are timeless.

One guest at the event commented, "The crowd left feeling bonded together with Willie and Neil Abercrombie's vision of what Hawaii and America can be." America can be this dancing guy. America can learn these moves.


Well, we don't really know how to describe these moves.

Mitt Romney whipping his hair?

Being exorcised? At a church in the South? Praise Him?

Shimmying? Undulating? Twerking?

Miley Cyrus-ing?

Just all shoulders. All. Shoulders.

Celebrating a big win?

Just lots of spinning. Spinning forever.

The fauxbot? You think it's going to be a robot, but it's not!

And this...

Honestly, we have no idea.

Many have speculated whether the man might be a bit, uh, inebriated on, uh, something, but at least one commenter has applauded him: "F--kin good for him. Live music is great and he's just enjoying the s--t out of it."

Live music, people! F--kin' good for him!