Jennifer Hudson, Funny or Die

If you ask Jennifer Hudson and the folks at Funny or Die, your health is a laughing matter.

The Oscar winner and the humor site have joined forces to film a PSA spoofing Kerry Washington's hit ABC series, Scandal, in order to get the word out about the launch of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, on Tuesday, Oct. 1.

The commercial parody for Scandalous starts out with Hudson, dressed in a white trench coat similar to the actress' look as her crisis manager character Olivia Pope, meeting with a shady government type who sports an ear piece and asks whether she's a "fixer."

"I prefer covert scandal manager," she says.

"Oh yeah, fixer? Well, see if you can fix this problem, fixee?" the mystery man replies. "But I'm warning you, fixeroni, this one's a real fixer upper."

And with that we see Hudson's version of Pope—Lydia Cole—meet with various people who need her help only to find the "scandal" in each case is anything but because the problems they have are eminently fixable thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

So for instance, J.Hud meets with a father who complains his son is out of college and doesn't have any health insurance. That prompts her to explain that under Obamacare, young people can remain on their parents plans until 26.

Another woman complains that her company won't provide mammograms, which Hudson points out, "the ACA covers preventable care for women's health."

"That's it? Girl, go find you a scandal," she says.

Hudson then runs across a politician whose mistress is pregnant and doesn't have health insurance; she directs him to sign her up for open enrollment in government exchanges run by the ACA.

To that end, those in need of cheap, affordable health care coverage can sign up at at

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