If YouTube has taught us anything, it's: (1) Not everyone who can twerk, should twerk; and (2) people don't just lose their wisdom teeth during wisdom teeth surgery. They lose their minds. 

Enter Annie, a 14-year-old who, "after having her wisdom teeth removed, gives the drop on her recent NASCAR victories and career." Or as Annie proudly states, "I'm a NASCAR driver and I am No. 1."

From there, she brags that she "won the world series of being the fastest NASCAR driver" and seems to believe that the reason she was ever in surgery was "a very bad NASCAR accident."

"David After Dentist" set the bar on drugged-out postsurgery banter, but Annie puts her own spin on the now-classic style by filming the video herself, a found footage-inspired take on the genre. Also, a sign of self awareness that maybe this trend has gone too far, when someone's first instinct postsurgery is to film themselves.

But it remains amusing. So who cares? The real drama—read: fun—starts when Annie's mom tells her that she is not a NASCAR driver. To which Annie whimpers, "I am." Cue the tears. Cue the emotional crisis. Cue the views.

(Disclaimer: As with all viral videos, this may just be another Jimmy Kimmel hoax.)

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