Tory Burch's First Fragrance and Beauty Collection—Designer Shares All the Details!

Alicia gets the scoop straight from the designer herself

By Cinya Burton Sep 27, 2013 9:42 PMTags
Watch: Tory Burch's Past Influences First Fragrance

File this under: It's about time!

After over half a decade of planning, Tory Burch has finally launched her first fragrance and beauty collection.

Or as the designer herself puts it: "Five years in the conversation and two and a half years in the making."

So what was her ultimate goal for the scent, which includes tops notes of sandalwood, tuberose and grapefruit?  "We wanted to create a fragrance that was feminine but also tomboy," she told E!'s own Alicia Quarles.

A stickler for the tiniest details, Burch made sure her lovely square bottles feature a stripe of her brand's signature orange hue. "I wanted it to be modern but also graphic," she explains.

The beauty products—which include a lipstick, cheek tint, bronzer, blush and a candle—all come in a rosy packaging. "I love light pink. I think it's so feminine, so soft and it can go in any bathroom," Burch says.

On a more personal note, the designer shares that childhood memories were the real inspiration behind the new line.

"We have this pendent, which I remember my grandmother having something like this, it is a wax perfume," she says. "It's a chic way to carry your perfume."

Her father also played a big role in her perfume process. "I just remember him smelling good every day."

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