Rita Ora


We suppose Rita Ora could be more scantily clad than this; she could be wearing actual bathing suit bottoms.

While we wouldn't put that move past the British pop star, we're glad she stuck with a swim top and a skirt suit bottom...or are those giant board shorts? Yes, it does make the world's weirdest dog-walking gear, but by West Hollywood standards, she's practically fully clothed!

We're not quite sure how to evaluate this look from a fashion perspective, so we'll just say that the black, white and red color combo is fun, especially since her dog Bowie matches too! We've long been a fan of the round shades trend, so that's another point in her favor. And, though it's the opposite of attire, we have to admit Rita has some of the best abs in the business.

So let this be the first Fashion Police review on dog-walk wear comprised mostly of underwear. We have a feeling it won't be the last as long as Rita is around.

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