Nicki Minaj Says Minajesty Fragrance Has Hints of “Everything Great That God Ever Created”

Singer discusses her obsession with her second scent

By Rose Curiel Sep 27, 2013 7:17 PMTags
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Talk about heaven sent—or should we say, heaven scent?

Judging from what Nicki Minaj recently told us about her latest fragrance, Minajesty, wearers of the perfume might want to prepare themselves for a holy experience.

 "My second fragrance has hints of vanilla, woodsy stuff, lemon, everything great that God ever created," she said of her second fragrance.

Quite the ringing endorsement, if you ask us!

"God is in that bottle," she joked. "If you want to be blessed, spray it on you three times a day."

And you can definitely consider Minaj a devout devotee of the Minajesty scent.

"I'm obsessed with it," she gushed. "No lie, I go through a bottle a week."

She's also not shy when it comes to trying to convert people top Minajesty wearers.

"I just put it on to be crazy and I spray it on everyone I see," she admitted.

But given the success of her debut scent Pink Friday, which sold well at retailers, we're guessing the sassy singer won't have to push her perfume on fans.

Like her first scent, the Minajesty bottle features a mini bust of Minaj.

"The bottle obviously has the iconic pink wig and she's fierce and her name is Minajesty," the star said of her mini-me.

Minaj's second fragrance hit shelves on Sept. 15. 

—Reporting by Marc Malkin