Some girls have all the luck!

In the case of a young teen named Alyssa Linares from Houston, the winner of Verizon's 2013 My Fabulous Quince essay contest, she had all of her fairytale dreams come true recently, thanks to the generosity and fashion expertise of Jennifer Lopez.

That's right, the grand prize winner was treated to a posh L.A. experience, complete with a fabulous styling session with J.Lo, who helped her plan every exciting element of her upcoming Quince party.


In this video, we get a very glamorous glimpse of the action-packed day where Linares is treated to a posh manicure and pedicure before meeting the super star.

Together, they pick out pretty party dresses and decide hair and makeup selections before Linares gets primped and pampered for a professional photo shoot.

From the looks of things, they had the time of their lives!

"This is so up my alley. This is what I like to do during my time off…I like to dress people up. I'm always the Barbie doll, right?" J.Lo explained of the experience. "I never had a quinceañera, so I'm living vicariously through her!"

 As for Alyssa, she was positively gleaming with excitement, sitting next to the star.

"Having you style me was the most amazing thing. I idolize you. You're my role model!" she gushed.

Here's to a celebration she'll never forget!

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