Eric Decker, Jessie James

Footballs aren't the only kind of balls Eric Decker and Jessie James having lying around their house.

The Denver Broncos wide receiver and country singer reveal on the first episode of their new E! reality series, Eric & Jessie: Game On (premiering tomorrow night at 10/9c PM) that they kept a couple of mementos after they had Eric's dog Jake neutered.

Eric actually has the pooch's testicles in a jar!

"You just never take a man's balls from him," the hunky NFL star says. "[So] they're still there in spirit. At least he knows his manhood is sitting right there on my desk in my office."

Um, OK.

Eric and Jessie promise they're going to be as open as possible on the show.

"I thought we'd have a couple of boundaries as far as bedroom stuff," Eric said.

However, that doesn't stop them from talking about their most intimate moments. For example, Jessie spills during the first episode that Eric laughs anytime she touches a certain part of his anatomy. "It's true," Eric said.

Eric Decker, Jessie James

On that note, the two, who married in June, recently announced that Jessie is pregnant with their first child.

"I'd be happy with two or three," Jessie said of expanding the family.

They already have names picked out.

"We're not going to say them because people will steal them," Jessie said. "They're unique."

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