Poor Jason Kennedy!

Being a spectator can be very dangerous, especially when what you're observing involves Giuliana Rancic learning some ballroom dance moves from Dancing With the Stars competitor Jack Osbourne.

The celeb and his reality TV partner for the show, Cheryl Burke, stopped by the E! News studio today, and during their visit, Osbourne decided to teach Rancic a thing or two, but it was Kennedy who learned a valuable lesson—scoot that chair back or face the repercussions.

After doing a little twirl, Jack dipped G and began to swing her propped-up leg around and bam!

Giuliana's black stiletto heel came in full contact with (what appeared to be) Jason's leg. Ouch!

Quickly, Kennedy got up and hovered over as he went off to the side to deal with the pain. Meanwhile, Jack Osbourne described the entire event in two simple words, "Epic fail."

Yep, but oh-so-funny! (Sorry, Jason.)

Watch the clip to hear more from Jack Osbourne's interview and to watch the kick in slow motion!

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