Is Robert Pattinson dating...anyone?

On Thursday's edition of Live From E!, Jason Kennedy, Will Marfuggi and Melanie Bromley started off by talking about all the women that the single (or is he?) actor has been linked to.

R.Pattz was spotted heading to the gym in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and our panel speculated whether or he is dating Dylan PennSean Penn and Robin Wright's daughter—or Sydney Liebes, a personal trainer of his.

Guess only time will tell if Kristen Stewart's ex has a new flame.

Next up, the trio talk about one of the most anticipated premieres of this season: Glee, which starts tonight.

Our roundtable thinks that people will be watching at least the first few episodes to see what the show will be like without Cory Monteith. Will mentioned that this premiere will bring all Glee and Cory fans back to the show, whose ratings had dipped in the past several years.

Lastly, the panel talks about the twerking world record

Miley Cyrus may not have been there, but Big Freedia now holds the Guinness World Record for "Most People Twerking Simultaneously" (358 people, to be specific). Apparently, this came as a surprise to the people at the Teen Choice Awards, because back in August, they got 1,945 people to twerk at the same time. The only catch is: Guinness wasn't there to officially record it.

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