Michael J. Fox Show

Eric Liebowitz/NBC

What did you think about Michael J. Fox's grand return to prime time?

NBC's new comedy, The Michael J. Fox Show, debuted tonight, reminding viewers that Fox still has that infamous comedic timing from Spin City and his guest roles on Scrubs and The Good Wife. But will he be enough to keep you tuned in?

Fox plays Mike Henry, who after years of being a stay-at-home dad, comes back to the work at the insistence of his wife Annie (Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt) and children. A much talked-about storyline in the pilot is the use of Fox's real-life struggles with Parkinson's disease, which came off as funny, albeit a bit awkward.

There was also that talking-to-the-camera bit that The Office, Parks and Rec and Modern Family have implemented successfully in their series. The Michael J. Fox Show stumbles a bit when it comes to working in the mockumentary aspect, however, Fox is so charming and likeable that we don't really care. For now.

But we're more concerned with what you guys thought of The Michael J. Fox Show. Vote in the poll below and then weigh in down in the comments!

The Michael J. Fox Show: Save or Sink
The Michael J. Fox Show?
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