George H.W. Bush

AP Photo/Susan Biddle

Former President George H.W. Bush served as an official witness at the same-sex wedding of his two longtime friends over the weekend.

He and his wife, Barbara Bush, attended the nuptials of Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen in Maine on Saturday.

The 89-year-old greeted guests and stayed for the duration of the celebration alongside his wife and a few (not-so-secret) security guards. The former president appeared in photos from the outdoor event and was shown seated in a wheelchair as he signed a stack of papers on his lap.

Thorgalsen even posted a picture on her Facebook page that showed him with a caption reading, "Getting our marriage license witnessed!" 

The snapshot shows him signing the document as guests gleefully looked on. But what's the most noticeable thing in the pic? The fact that the former President is wear two different colored socks! It's cool, we'll chalk it up to a fashion statement that we're not quite privy to.

It's only been since December of last year that gay marriage became legal in Maine.

The 41st president's son former President George W. Bush opposed same-sex marriage and announced his support in 2004 for a constitutional amendment to make it illegal. His wife, Laura Bush, and daughter Barbara Bush have come forward to speak in support of gay marriage, however.

A spokesman for George W. Bush declined to comment on his thoughts about his father's involvement in the same-sex wedding or whether he's changed his feelings on the issue altogether.

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