Eva Mendes Makes a Convincingly Sexy Housewife

Is The Place Beyond the Pines star getting fashion inspiration from the Real Housewives of the world?

By JJ Moore Sep 26, 2013 11:20 PMTags
Eva Mendes Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Extra

If Eva Mendes showed up for school pick-up in this look, she'd turn every dad and mom's head.

The Clear History hottie has perfected the sexy housewife style with her own dress design for New York & Company, and she's never even been a wife! We have a feeling she has spent a lot of time watching a combo of Real Housewives and Mad Men, and spying on celeb friends who rock a very specific Hampton chic.

Our favorite thing about this look is that it says "sexy" without showing all. The light fabric hugs the body perfectly and that tied waist highlights a hourglass figure. We're also big fans of the scarlet shade—one of fall's hottest hues. Eva also keeps it classy with tie-front pumps and old-Hollywood shades.

But the hottest part of all is the wild, flowing hair. We wonder how many old-school rollers made that volume possible, and if she wore them out to the grocery store like a real vintage housewife would.