Katie Holmes Talks Mac & Cheese, Fashion & "Sweetie" Suri Cruise—Watch Now!

"It's nerve-wrecking because you're kind of putting yourself out there," the actress says of showing her clothing line at Fashion Week

By Bruna Nessif Sep 26, 2013 3:38 AMTags
Watch: Katie Holmes Talks Holmes & Yang Show

Fun fact: Katie Holmes makes a mean macaroni and cheese, and it's only getting better!

"I cook a fair amount. I do a mac and cheese," the actress told E! News at the Hellmann's 100th year and collaboration with Feeding America celebration yesterday. "It sounds like mine isn't the best, but there's always room to grow, improve and I got some tips on what I could put in mine which always makes me happy."

But these days, Holmes is less focused on her cheesy dishes and more focused on her fashion line Holmes & Yang, which was featured in Fashion Week.

Our Holmes & Yang show this year went really well and we did it at a gallery downtown and a lot of great people came and supported us," she told us. 

"People seem to like it and its fun, its a different kind of challenge than making movies, but Jeanne [Yang] is wonderful and she's very inspiring so we have a good time, but yeah, of course it's nerve-wrecking because you're kind of putting yourself out there. You hope that people get it."

So has her little fashionista Suri Cruise caught the fashion bug? Or will she go into acting?

Holmes admits she doesn't know what avenue her daughter will ultimately choose, but gushed that her "special" little girl has, "got great taste and she's a real sweetie."

Just like her mom.

—Reporting by Alicia Quarles

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