Once Upon a Time

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And the story continues…

The next chapter of Once Upon a Time hasn't even premiered yet, but we're already under its spell! The hit ABC drama is known for its fast-paced storylines and jaw-dropping twists and turns, so we're here to refresh your memories on all the enchanting events of last year, as well as what's ahead for your favorite fairy-tale characters.

We've already answered ten of your burning OUAT questions, but we know you want more! To make sure you are all caught up before the final season, we've created the ultimate Once Upon a Time cheat sheet, packed with past and future tidbits that you need to know before tuning in on Sunday night. From an epic and treacherous journey to Neverland, to the quest for happily ever after, and a wickedly terrifying new villain, read on for all the scoop on what's coming up.

Where We Left Off:

Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Greg (Ethan Embry), aka the two most annoying villains in the world, wreaked havoc in Storybrooke all towards the end of the second season. From betraying Neal (Michael Raymond-James) with a faux engagement to activating Regina's (Lana Parilla) self-destruct trigger and just being plain old irritating, these two lovers were determined to do whatever it took to ruin our characters happy endings. In the finale they kidnapped Henry per the instructions of the magic-hating "Home Office" and whisked him away through a portal to the dark world of Neverland.

• During his attempt to thwart Tamara and Greg, Neal was shot in the chest and fell through a portal before Emma (Jennifer Morrison) could save her beloved. Everyone was under the impression that Neal died but at the very last minute, we learned that the Dark One's son landed in the Enchanted Forest with our dear old friends Mulan (Jamie Chung), Aurora (Sarah Bolger) and a newly re-souled Prince Phillip (Julian Morris).

• When the self-destruct jewel was about to blow up Storybrooke, Emma decided to combine her magic with Regina's and together their powers were enough to stop the mass fatalities in the nick of time. After Henry was kidnapped, Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) allowed Regina, Emma, Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin), and Charming (Josh Dallas) to board the Jolly Roger so they could their quest to rescue Henry. Even Rumplestilskin (Robert Carlyle) joined the search party after he kissed his beautiful Belle (Emilie De Ravin) goodbye and entrusted her with a cloaking spell to protect Storybrooke.



What Lies Ahead:

• In the world of Neverland, imagination runs wild and your biggest fears will haunt you at every turn. Note-To-Self: Don't ever mess with mermaids. Sure, they may look like gorgeous creatures who will sing you a song about living under the sea, but when you invade their territory they'll come at you like a pack of piranhas. Prepare yourselves Once fans, because mermaids are just once of the treacherous obstacles that our heroes will face in the premiere.

• Remember the sweet and carefree Peter Pan that we all remember loving as a child? Well this boy is absolutely nothing like that. He's manipulative, deceitful, dangerous and terrifying. Sure he's got a sweet smile, but this villain will use his dark charm to mess with your head and steal everything you hold near and dear to your heart. Let's just put it this way: Rumplestilskin—aka the Dark One—spends the majority of the first two episodes crying.

• Happy Endings. We all want them, but who deserves them? That is just one of the many questions that our heroes and villains will address in these first few episodes back. As of now, Emma does not believe in happy endings and she will constantly knock her parents' "infuriatingly optimistic" outlook on life. If only Emma knew that there were not one, but two fellas, alive and vying for her affections….

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