Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are the kind of couple anyone would be happy to have as houseguests.

During the summer of 2013, however, the twosome wandered into the wrong Hamptons home—uninvited—in the middle of the night! Swizz, 35, told E! News about how he and Alicia wound up in a strangers' house.

"It was funny, though, man" the rapper said laughingly. "I mean, things happen…Yeah, things happen!"

Fortunately, Swizz confirmed the homeowners were "cool" about the accidental intrusion. "We didn't see the owner," he said, "but whoever was in there—it was all cool."

Clearly and Alicia, 32, weren't too upset to see the humor in their late night mishap! When asked the secret to their 3-year-marriage, Swizz said simply, "Communication."

"Communication is the key to a lot of things," he added. "Friendships, relationships, business, and that's what we try to do is just keep the communication between each other very tight."

Whatever they're doing sure seems to be working!

—Reporting by Alicia Quarles and Vanessa McDonald

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