Wynonna Judd Busted on DUI

Singer arrested in Nashville following celebration for her upcoming nuptials

By Lia Haberman Nov 13, 2003 9:00 PMTags

Her brother-in-law may be a race-car driver but that doesn't make Wynonna Judd any safer behind the wheel of a car.

Judd, big sis to Ashley, whose hubby is Indy racer Dario Franchitti, has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

A penitent Judd released a statement following her arrest, saying, "I know there is never a situation where drinking and driving is acceptable and I take full responsibility for my error in judgment."

The country singer's Land Rover was clocked by one of Nashville's finest going 47 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone early Thursday morning.

According to the arrest report, Judd consented to a Breathalyzer after cops smelled booze and noticed her watery, dilated eyes. She registered at 0.175, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Cops also said Judd had no memory of how many drinks she'd imbibed.

She did, however, remember why she'd been out drinking: "I had been out celebrating my upcoming wedding and a girlfriend's birthday last night and clearly let my excitement get the best of me," Judd said in her statement, adding, "I am always thinking about the safety of others and that of my family and have learned a very serious lesson."

Judd has since been released on $500 bond and, barring legal distractions, will wed her longtime beau and bodyguard D.R. Roach this month. The duo, who've worked together for over a decade, have been engaged since 2001. It will be a second marriage for both.

Judd's sixth solo studio album, What the World Needs Now is Love, debuted at number one in August 2003 on the Billboard country music chart.

Wynonna's been performing professionally since 1984 when she and mama Judd, Naomi, formed the Grammy-winning family group the Judds. Forced to go solo in 1992 after Naomi was diagnosed with hepatitis C, Wynonna continued to dominate in the country arena, landing on Country Music Television's "40 Greatest Women of Country Music" list in 2002.

Earlier this month, Judd hosted a CMT show titled Morning After: The 40 Greatest Drinking Songs of Country Music and dispensed the following advice: "Here's some important barroom etiquette rules everyone needs to know. If you meet someone in a bar and forget their name, it's always permissible to call them Baby or Darlin'. However, it is never permissible to call them Babycakes or Honeypants, Okay? And lastly, all bartenders everywhere, can always be called Joe."

We've got one more: "I'm perfectly sober, ossifer."