When you're covering the biggest night in television, you've got to be on top of your game.

Ryan Seacrest, Jason Kennedy, Kristin Dos Santos, Zanna Roberts Rassi, George Kotsiopoulos and newcomer Jesse Giddings were at the 2013 Emmys and were covering everything for E!

George gave us the fashion scoop before the show, Ryan got all of the exclusives during Live From the Red Carpet, Kristin and Jesse gave us fun facts online during the red carpet, and Jason and Zanna recapped the night at the after party show!

E! was everywhere and we were covering all the angles!

We wanted to know though, what's it like being in the shoes of an E! host during a huge awards show?

The gang gave us a behind the scenes look using Vine and Instagram during their busy day and we've compiled a sort of "Day in the Life" of our E! hosts at the 2013 Emmys!

Time to wake up...

Zanna started her day early with some morning yoga to get ready.

Jesse woke up and didn't know what day it was!

Kristin got some adorable advice from her son before the show: "Don't suck on TV."

When you're covering fashion, you've got to look your best! Looks like George had a lot to choose from...

And now it's time to get the hair done!

Zanna had a lot of beautiful dresses to choose from! We're jealous!

We love getting ready for a big event, but we want to know about the perks! Ryan's favorite? Toothbrushes.

Oh la la! Jesse's shirtless and getting ready! Thanks for this "behind the scenes" look...

The show's about to start and Ryan looks dapper in his suit! The limos are coming!

Before the show, Ryan decides to have a little fun...

Jesse's all ready, and as they say in the "business", sends out a "call to action" or "CTA" to watch the show!

And then there's Jason...sitting back and enjoying life during all the craziness...

During the show, Zanna posts what the set looks like behind the cameras! They're live!

And when it's all said and done and the shows have come to a close, Jesse relaxes and does something we do every night: goes into a food coma.

What was your favorite moment of the night? Let us know in a comment below!

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