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Spoiler Alert: Do not continue reading the following article unless you've watched Castle or don't care about being spoiled. We're serious. No complaining about spoilers in the comments.

Previously on Castle: Castle (Nathan Fillion) proposed to Beckett (Stana Katic), who had just accepted a plum new job in Washington D.C. And that's all you need to know!

"Richard Alexander Rodgers Castle, yes. Yes, I will marry you." Feel free to squeal, people, as Beckett agreed to marry Castle in the ABC hit's season six premiere's opening scene. Well, she said yes only after making sure he wasn't proposing just because of her new job. "Castle, I love you. But this is my shot." But Castle assures her that he isn't proposing because of the job, but because he "can't imagine" his life without her.All together now: Awww!

With all of that going down in the first scene, you'd think that the rest of the hour would've been pretty mellow, right? Well, you thought wrong!

After Beckett and Castle sealed their engagement with a kiss and a promise to make the whole long-distance thing work, Castle jumped ahead two months, revealing that the couple hadn't seen each other in six weeks. Beckett was hard at work with her new no-nonsense, far less quippy partner: Rachel (an awesome Lisa Edelstein), while Castle has just finished his book tour and returns home to find that Alexis (Molly O'Quinn) has returned from her trip abroad early. What a lovely surprise! Less than lovely? She brought along new boyfriend Pi (No "E"!), who intends to crash at casa de Castle. (Why Castle just up and leaves for the weekend when his daughter springs a new live-in boyfriend on him is beyond us, but we digress.)

After a big case comes up, Beckett is forced to cancel the couple's romantic weekend, so Castle decides to make a surprise trip to D.C., but can't resist getting involved in her top-secret assignment...which later proves to be a possibly fatal mistake. 

You see, Beckett and Rachel's top suspect Jack is a former Marine who was part of the mysterious Valkyrie, a highly-classified special ops aka a ghostbase. (We later learn from Jack's girlfriend that he believes he was being set up.) After seeing Castle interacting with the feds, Jack kidnaps him to find out what  they know about him, only to die while driving his car. Turns out, a chemical agent, which was created for military use but was deemed too dangerous to use, was placed in the vents of Jack's car to kill him...the same car Castle was in.

In the episode's final scene, Beckett is forced to deliver the bad news that he ingested a lethal dose of the toxin to her fiancee: "Based on the amount in your bloodstream you have less than a day to live."

To be continued, indeed!

What did you think of Castle's season premiere? How much did you squeal over Caskett's engagement? Sound off in the comments!

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