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When we last left Rachel (Lea Michele), she had just sung her heart out at her Funny Girl audition in the Glee season-four finale and we were left wondering if she got a callback or not. Well, now we know the answer, thanks to new clips released from Glee's fifth season premiere.

Rachel obviously gets a callback, and this time she's showing off her acting chops opposite Ioan Gruffudd. Just when Rachel really gets going, the casting director cuts her scene short and tells her he's seen all he needs to see. Is that a good sign or bad sign?

Meanwhile, at McKinley, Sue (Jane Lynch) is back roaming the halls in a much more powerful position. Students (and New Directions members): Be very afraid.

Watch clips from Glee's season-five opener, titled "Love, Love, Love", below! 

The season-five premiere of Glee airs this Thursday (Sept. 26) on Fox!

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