Stephen Colbert, Emmy Awards Show

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jon Stewart's liberal reign has come to an end. And at the hands of his conservative cohort Stephen Colbert, no less.

The Daily Show has won the Best Variety Show category for the last 10 Emmys in a row, the longest winning streak in TV history. But now, for the first time, The Colbert Report beat it.

"As I said before, it's a cliché to say it's an honor just to be nominated, but it's more than that. It's also a lie," Stephen Colbert joked while accepting his second award of the night. "This is way better."

But he didn't take the opportunity to rub it in his friend's face. Instead, he had some very sweet words for Jon: "I personally have to thank my friend and my brother, Jon Stewart, who said 'We should do a show together where you're a professional idiot,'" Colbert said.

He continued, "Jon never told me how good this feels, actually."

Earlier in the broadcast, The Colbert Report also won the Emmy for Best Writing in a Variety Series, the third time its won in that category since the show started.

"Thank you very much. Wow! The Emmys are so good this year," Colbert gushed when he took to the stage earlier in the evening. "There's something special about it, I don't know what!"

He continued, "I'm honored to be nominated with all these people up here, who give me all the stupidest things to say. But I say them in such a way that somehow you forgive me in just how stupid they make me."

For the Best Writing award, the nominees all submitted short video packages showcasing their writers. For the Colbert Report, it was presented via President Barack Obama looking at NSA footage. Naturally.

For Jimmy Kimmel Live!, another nominee, it was Oprah Winfrey yelling the names of the staff, then pushing them offscreen. We are now entering a dark, dark time where Oprah's approval apparently means nothing.

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