Neil Patrick Harris, Emmy Awards Show

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Neil Patrick Harris has a problem, and it's called Excessive Hosting Disorder.

OK, not really (we don't think), but it was the premise for a pretty funny spoof during the 2013 Emmy Awards.

NPH's friends and costars from How I Met Your Mother got together to try and help the performer overcome EHD—he practically turns every life moment into an attempt to practice his hosting skills—and the only way to do so was to put together an intervention (at MacLaren's, of course).

"I know what you're going through," Arsenio Hall (surprise!) says to him.

"The shakes, the cold sweats, telling your family you're going out drinking, when really you're going to host a bake sale at church. You don't believe this, but you can have a rich and fulfilling life without hosting!"

The answer? The Ryan Seacrest Center for Excessive Hosting in Malibu, Calif.

If you or anyone you know suffers from EHD, this is where they need to go. Except, according to Cobie Smulders, the only person that suffers from this disease is NPH.

Also, this is all fake (but still funny).

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