Cory Monteith, All the Wrong Reasons

Myriad Pictures, Andrew Tench

Late actor Jack Klugman's son doesn't think late Glee actor Cory Monteith should be singled out from this weekend's Emmy "In Memoriam" reel.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Klugman's son Adam criticized the award show's plans in an interview, where he referenced the 31-year-old actor's overdose: "They're celebrating this self-inflicted tragedy instead of celebrating the life of my father, who won three Emmys....Cory Monteith never won an Emmy."

Adam's dad Jack, who is known for starring in '70s and '80s hits The Odd Couple and Quincy, M.E., died last December.

Adam added he has nothing against Cory, but says: "to compare the contribution he made to the contribution my father made—it doesn't compare."

This year's award show marks the first time Emmy organizers are giving added attention to the "In Memoriam" section, where they're paying special tribute to 5 notable television talents who died this year. 

Along with Cory, the other 4 highlighted honorees are Gary David Goldberg, Jonathan Winters, James Gandolfini and Jean Stapleton.

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