Jon Gosselin

C. Watts/

It's official. Jon Gosselin does not like having his picture taken.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality TV star pulled a gun on a photographer in Pennsylvania on Friday, E! News can confirm.

Jon got upset when a paparazzo followed him home from his new job as a waiter at Black Dog restaurant in Beckersville, Pa. The photographer trailed him to his isolated country cabin and began taking pictures.

It was then that the 36-year-old father of 8 approached her with a handgun and fired a warning shot.

He subsequently followed her until she made her way off his property and back to the main road.

The Mohnton Police Department confirms to E! News the photographer made a report that Gosselin fired a shot in the air, but she declined to request that police take action.

Police tell E! the photographer was on private property during the confrontation and in Pennsylvania it is legal for a citizen to fire a weapon on private property, especially in rural areas such as Beckersville.

Police will not be investigating the incident.

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