The Big Bang Theory: 15 of the Geekiest and Greatest Guest Stars!

From Star Trek stars to one of the most brilliant minds in history, see our gallery of The Big Bang Theory's best guest stars

By Leanne Aguilera Sep 20, 2013 6:32 PMTags
Katee Sackhoff, George Takei, Melissa Rauch, Simon Helberg, The Big Bang TheoryCliff Lipson/CBS

The guest stars are strong with this one.

Whether you're an obsessed fan or just a casual watcher, it's common knowledge that The Big Bang Theory has snagged some of the most amazing guest stars in TV history. For a comedy that centers on four socially awkward men with a passion for all things in the nerd spectrum, CBS has really done a sensational job at landing an array of geek-tastic guest stars over the past six seasons.

With the season seven premiere less than a week away, we'd like you to embrace your inner fanboy (or fangirl!) with a quick trip down memory lane so you can admire all the Comic-Con-worthy personalities. From Star Trek stars and a comic book icon to one of the most brilliant minds in history, our gallery has all of The Big Bang Theory's geekiest and greatest guest stars!