Chelsea Handler Mocks Leah Remini's Dance Skills: "Aren't You Friends With J.Lo?"

Chelsea Lately host ribs her pal following the actress' Dancing With the Stars debut

By Zach Johnson Sep 20, 2013 10:42 AMTags

Leah Remini earned a respectable 21/30 points for her Dancing With the Stars debut, but that didn't stop her good pal Chelsea Handler from making fun of her skills on the Sept. 19 episode of Chelsea Lately.

"You're beautiful! I love you! And now you're on Dancing With the Stars and you can't dance," the late-night host told Remini. Handler then corrected herself, saying, "You can dance. You've been rehearsing. You couldn't dance before the show. I know this because we dance for each other. Remember? I said, ‘You can't be worse than me,' and then you showed me and I said, ‘Oh, you might be.' But you were good on the show. You were really, really good on the show."

Remini, 43, thanked Handler for the compliment and admitted she's fairly. "I'm not a dancer, okay? You're not supposed to be a dancer," she explained. "That's the whole show, I thought."

"It was the whole show," Handler replied. "It's not fair that they put you on with a bunch of people who are professional dancers." Though Remini didn't call anyone out, Handler argued that Elizabeth Berkley, Christina Milian and Corbin Bleu have an edge on the competition.

"Compared to them, yeah, I look like crap," Remini conceded. "Even though I had good posture, I thought."

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Handler then suggested Remini should take lessons from her longtime BFF, Jennifer Lopez. "Aren't you best friends with J.Lo?" she asked. "Can't she help you?"

"So she goes, 'Okay, Leah, do this,' and I'm supposed to be able to do it?'" Remini balked.

"Yeah," Handler answered. "She does it. Why can't you?"

"Because she's a dancer, dummy! What don't you get about this?" Remini told the comedienne. "Oh my god, I can't believe we even talk about this."

To find out what Remini's daughter thinks of her dancing abilities, watch the video above now. Chelsea Lately airs weeknights at 11 p.m. on E!