Richard Madden


Game of Thrones star Richard Madden is getting heat for his poor train etiquette!

Back in June, a fan and fellow London Tube passenger snapped a photo of the 27-year-old actor sitting on the train with his legs spread far apart from each other. In the shot, Madden, dressed in all black and toting an umbrella, sits sprawled while other passengers sit next to him and stand around him.

Since the space-hogging incident, the train pic was posted on the "Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train" Tumblr (yes, really), causing a frenzy among angered fans! Here are a sample of some annoyed comments on the pic, which has garnered a whopping 554 notes in total on the blog site!

"Rob is taking up too much space on the train! Also, what's with famous people and giant collars? See Michael Jackson,..."

"The King In The North taking up too much space on the train."

"What the hell, jon snow."

"wow robb maybe if youd just been a bit more gracious on the subway your family would still be alive."

"It's totally understandable that Robb Stark is still upset about the Red Wedding, but that's no excuse to take up this..."

"You know nothing about public transportation etiquette, Jon Snow. Edit: Whoops! It's the King in the North, not Jon. :p..."

"Rob Stark busted taking up too much space on the train. RUDE! Found on 'men taking up too much space on the train blog.'"

"You know nothing about Tube etiquette, Jon Snow"

"Rob Stark! What would your mother say?! Oh…wait."

"oh look who it is. Richard, why are you're legs so damn far apart."

"Mah dick"

"Oh man, Robb Stark is a subway leg-spreader?! Maybe the Red Wedding was justified after all…"

"Turns out this is what the Lannisters were so pissed off about."

But not all comments wear angry.

"The king of the north can take up as much space as he wants."

"ok he's allowed to take up space on the train because he's robb fucking stark."

Richard Madden, Game of Thrones

HBO/Tim Whitby/Getty Images

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