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Happy autumn, y'all!

Yes, Sunday marks the first day of fall and we couldn't be more thrilled to indulge in some Pumpkin Spice Lattes, apple-picking and sweater-wearing, which is why we're celebrating with some warm TV scoop! In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on major relationship drama Big Bang Theory fans might want to brace themselves for, the highly anticipated (and dreaded) series finale of Breaking Bad and witchy new details on American Horror Story: Coven's much-anticipated premiere. Plus, we've got spoilers on The Mindy Project, How I Met Your Mother, Revenge and more...

Melanie: Anything on Nashville?
You can expect a whole lot of sexiness this season, according to Sam Palladio! "Some juicy tunes, some sexy music and some sexy duets this season," he teases. For more scoop from Palladio, check back with us later today.

Haley: The wait for AHS: Coven is literally going to kill me. Anything to keep me going?!
Um, did you miss the crazy-awesome-insanely-amazing trailer we gifted the world with yesterday?! Two words: Witch school! And while Jessica Lange's character runs the school, her daughter, played by Sarah Paulson, is also involved in the witchy goodness. "I am their teacher," Paulson tells us of the school for young girls, adding that season three has a "lighter tone."

Teddy: No spoilers, I just want your expert opinion on how you think Breaking Bad is going to end.
Playing fast and loose with the word expert there, aren't you? Anyway, the debate in the TV Scoop office is split between whether Walt will die or not. Some of us think he will survive, but he will have lost everything: family, Jesse and all his money. And some of us think that everyone around him will die or just be ruined beyond repair, leaving Walt alone with his millions. Thankfully, Breaking Bad will be extra-long for those last two episodes so they cram in as much awesome TV as possible. Writer Peter Gould announced on Twitter yesterday that the last two episodes will be 75 minutes each. "Set your DVRS accordingly," he tweeted. "Better still, watch live!" Yes, sir.

Tyler: I need a Big Bang Theory couple update. Got anything for me?
Oh, we've got plenty of scoop, but it's not all sunshine and rainbows for our favorite Pasadena couples. Changes in Amy's job have brought her to Caltech and now it looks like Shamy will be seeing each other almost every day. Although it's great that Sheldon is doing his best to embrace his inner boyfriend, their new close proximity might smother their small but mighty relationship flame. And while one couple is getting closer together, another is drifting apart. Our somewhat-new newlyweds Bernadette and Howard will get into a huge fight within the first five episodes. In fact, the fight is so big that Howard moves out of their apartment, and moves in with Raj! Silver lining: Raj finally has someone to dote on now. 

Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, The Mindy Project

Beth Dubber/FOX

Megan: This season of The Mindy Project is already on fire! Give me any scoop you can on what's coming up!
Want a bit of scandalous scoop? Mindy will kiss someone who is not her fiancé, Pastor Casey, in next week's ep! (It's a very much one-sided kiss, FYI.) Oh, and you can expect Danny and Mindy to at least attempt to address the whatever-it-is-that's-going-on-between-them by episode eight. Squeals and feels, y'all!

Maureen: Wait, so is someone really going to ruin the HIMYM wedding? I need answers, people!
We sense your panic and although the How I Met Your Mother premiere does have a few rocky moments for our legendary couple, Barney (more than once!) shows that his love for Robin is unwavering and the couple is unfazed by the chaos that surrounds them. It's amazing to see how far our favorite womanizer has come over the past nine years.

Timothy: I did not laugh once during Dads' premiere, yet am curious about the next episode. It can only get better, right? Right?!
Actually, it does! We've seen episode two and can tell you it's about 85 percent less racist and offensive! Replacing the racism? Weed brownies. Yeah, it seems the show's titular Dads are much less than annoying when they unknowingly are drugged by their sons. Of course, this later leads to a weed brownie-eating competition. (Don't try this in your dorm rooms, college students.)

Patti: Scoop on Revenge, please! Maybe something on Jack and Emily?
You don't know Jack...well, new Jack, anyway. Jack is a totally different man this season, and his first scene with Emily since she told him the truth about her identity will make you feel about five different emotions within a two-minute span. It's so good it hurts.

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