Check Out Justin Timberlake's Most Awkward Interview Here

Singer and actor was being questioned by Brazil's Sabrina Sato

By Lily Harrison Sep 19, 2013 5:02 PMTags
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There's nothing like a good ole language barrier to really make things uncomfortable, is there?

Justin Timberlake was in Brazil to promote his latest flick Runner, Runner when he found himself in the hot seat during an interview with host Sabrina Sato.

The television personality spoke extremely broken English but was able to make it clear how nervous she was for the interview with one of her favorite celebrities.

Sato asked the obligatory questions about why the singer turned actor chose the film, to which he replied, "I love how fast-paced the movie is."

He also added that he was attracted to playing the character of Richie because "he's complicated in a sense where he's trying to do the right thing but can't help himself."

But then things take a really awkward turn.

Sato asks Timberlake if he thinks he's the next King of Pop and if he thinks he's better than Michael Jackson.

"No," he said chuckling. "I don't think anybody is. Michael Jackson is the best."

Timberlake squirmed in his seat for another round of difficult-to-decipher questions and did his best to put on a professional face.

But hold on, guys. Things are just getting started for Sato and the "Mirror" singer.

After Sato explains how amazing his dancing skills are, and how he sings and dances "like a black American," she asks him if he would "want to learn to samba like a black Brazilian?"

J.T. immediately laughs and turns to his publicist, who then declines the offer to have Timberlake dance with her.

That's right, she gets a flat out "no" from his camp. Yikes!

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Sato didn't let the rejection slow her down though and she presented Timberlake with a large gift box.

The "Suit & Tie" singer reluctantly opened the beautifully-wrapped package and revealed utter shock upon seeing what was inside.

"Oh my god," he said slowly. "This is your butt!"

Sato had made a mold of her rear end and autographed it for Timberlake.

"[It says] with love," he said. "That's very nice."

And while he was completely polite in accepting the one-of-a-kind gift, Timberlake could use some help on his poker face.

In all fairness, Sato did reveal at the end of her time with the star that she had learned English specifically for the interview.

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