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How does she do it?!

Madeleine Stowe is not only the star of one of TV's hottest dramas, playing conniving social climber Victoria Grayson on the hit ABC show Revenge, but the 55-year-old is also one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, whose age-defying looks could put many 20-year-olds to shame. 

The gorgeous actress—who stuns on the October cover of NewBeauty—opens up to mag about her skin secrets as well as her exercise habits, and turns out, the ageless beauty has tips every woman can follow (no, seriously!).

"My mother told me: 'Stay out of the sun and don't wrinkle your forehead.' She used to scream when I made that expression that crinkles it," Stowe tells the mag (as reported by People). "Now everyone thinks I've had Botox, and I have to make that face to prove I haven't."

Despite her picture-perfect appearance, the brunette beauty confessed she wasn't always comfortable with her age.

"Getting older and the whole concept of 'aging gracefully' was really interesting for me. You want to buck up against it," she admits to NewBeauty. "And then you hit 50. When I got to that age, all of a sudden, I finally felt this incredible sense of liberation. You sort of let go of everything."

So what's her secret to her seemingly flawless skin?

Stowe reveals she does "facial exercise" which she says "help a lot" and she sticks to traditional methods for her skin-care cure: "sleep and water."

"I like to stick with things that have worked for years," she says. "They are the two best things out there for your skin."

She also reguarly gets facials, although her wrinkle fix doesn't come with "things like lasers and all of those other crazy treatments," and even more surprisingly, she doesn't believe in hitting the gym too hard.

"I'm a big believer in not overexercising. The strain wears your skin down and ages you."

As for when it comes to dropping a few pounds? Stowe doesn't trust any trendy juice cleanse.

"I think juice cleanses and all of those detoxes are total BS," she insists. "I love fresh juices and I drink them, but can anyone really explain to me what a toxin is?"

And while we're already eagerly ready to adopt Stowe's healthy habits, the star says the real secret is living a happy life.

"Aesthetically speaking, would I rather look the way I did in my 30s? Sure, of course I would," she admits. "But emotionally speaking, I don't ever feel any particular sense of age. I feel happier than I did when I was younger. Is it a cliché? Maybe. But I am making a deliberate attempt to enjoy the moment and be really curious and live life. That gives me a sense of being alive. When I do that, people usually say 'You look terrific today.'"

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