James Franco Makes Out With a Man, Mocks Gossip Sites Over Gay Rumors

Check out the mock man-on-man PDA pics

By Brett Malec Sep 18, 2013 8:40 PMTags
James Franco, InstagramInstagram

James Franco is used to people questioning his sexuality.

But earlier today, the 35-year-old actor decided to turn the tables and call out one particular site that's repeatedly speculated about him being gay by posting photos of himself making out with another man on Instagram.

"#Jamesfrancotv in love?????? #gawker.com #gay," Franco wrote along with a collage of pics of him getting his PDA on with an unidentifiable man. In the paparazzi-style photos, Franco is seen holding hands with the hunky guy after a coffee break. He also puts his arm around the lucky man and kisses him on the lips in another shot.


Over the collage, Franco writes, "Just a Franco afternoon Gawker." How's that for going head-to-head with the constant gay rumors?

Franco, who's played several gay characters in films before, has famously been a good sport when it comes to being questioning his sexuality. Franco recently told The Daily Beast of the gay rumors, "Great! Bring on the gay jokes! Because these aren't insults at all…I don't even care if people think I'm gay, so it was like, 'Awesome!' I mean, I wish I was…I wish I was gay."

In addition to Gawker, the Oscar nominee also posted photo collages of himself in compromising PDA positions with women, calling out two other outlets by writing, "#justjared #paparazzipics #jamesfrancotv" and "#Perezhilton #jamesfrancotv #carsex."

James Franco can even turn gay rumors into art.